Swimming Lessons

Fall  Swim Lessons at the Warrensburg Community Center (WCC) Aquatic Center start Saturdays, September 12 - October 31!

We offer 7 different skill/age levels, (see below) at three different time settings:
10:00am, 11:00am & Noon
Water Babies classes are 30 minutes long and all other levels are 45 minutes.

The registration fee is $60/person, but you can save $10 if you sign up by the Early Bird date of August 29!

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Water Babies

6 months-3 years

Entering and exiting the water safely; submerging in a rhythmic pattern; gliding on the front and back with assistance; performing combined stroke on front and back with assistance; changing body position in the water; and experiencing wearing a life jacket in the water. Each child must be accompanied by a participating adult and wear a swimsuit and swim diaper.

Level 1

4-6 years

Entering the water independently using the ladder, steps or side; traveling at least 5 yards; bobbling 3 times then safely exiting the water; gliding on front supported at least 2 body lengths; rolling to back float for 3 seconds with support; and recovering to a vertical position with support. (Most skills are demonstrated with assistance.)

Level 2

5-7 years

Entering and exiting; moving into a front float for 5 seconds; rolling to back; floating for 5 seconds then recovering to a vertical position; pushing off and swimming using combined arm and leg actions on front for 5 body lengths; rolling to back; floating for 15 seconds; and rolling to the front then continuing to swim for 5 body lengths.

Level 3

6-10 years

Entering and exiting; jumping into deep water from the slide; swimming the front crawl for 15 yards; maintaining position by treading or floating for 30 seconds; and swimming the elementary backstroke for 15 yards.

Level 4

8-10 years

Entering and exiting; swimming the front crawl for 25 yards; swimming the elementary backstroke for 25 yards; swimming the breaststroke for 15 yards; swimming the back crawl for 15 yards; and open turns on the front and back.

Level 5
9-11 years

Performing a shallow angle dive into deep water. Swimming the front crawl for 50 yards. Swimming the elementary backstroke for 50 yards. Swimming the breaststroke for 25 yards. Swimming the back crawl for 25 yards. 

Level 6
10-15 years

Swim is centered around participant. Students will learn more complex safety skills as well as principles of training and how to evaluate your own level of fitness. Expectations are high, distance and quality of stroke is important. Participants can repeat level to focus on different goals each session. 

To register, visit the link below
 or call (660) 747-7178!

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For more information contact anna.nickel@warrensburg-mo.com