Community Risk Reduction


Our staff is happy to present a wide range of safety and risk reduction programs. Our top priority is preventing emergencies and that starts with giving YOU the tools to create a safe environment.

We also provide programs and demonstrations that highlight the services and talents of your Warrensburg Fire Department. We LOVE to be in the community, if you think we might be what you're looking for, call and schedule a visit.

ISO Rating

The Warrensburg Fire Department has proudly achieved a rating from the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) as an ISO Class 2/2X fire department.  Fire departments are rated by ISO to quantify the efficiency of fire the department’s ability to respond to and extinguish structure fires.  A Class 2 rating is the second best rating on a scale of 1 to 10.  The department is measured along with the water delivery system and dispatching the fire department to the fire.  This rating became effective June 1, 2017 and may be used by insurance companies to set the price of fire insurance.  Many insurance companies will use the ratings to set rates and depending on the company, rates will usually reduce.  It is our goal to further improve the rating to a Class 1 in the next few years.

Division Chief-Fire Marshal

The Division Chief-Fire Marshal is responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Codes in Warrensburg.  This position primarily performs plan reviews and code enforcement.  They are responsible for the investigation of fires when the cause is unknown.  They are also responsible for the fire prevention services and schedules tours, events, and inspections.

Fire Codes

The City of Warrensburg is covered by the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC) with local exceptions.  The exceptions can be located in the City Ordinances Chapter 10 LINK.

Knox Box 

We use the products sold by the Knox Corporation to secure keys for businesses and to protect sprinkler connections.  With one master key, you can gain access to commercial and residential property. More than 11,500 departments in North America use Knox® products. The Knox System includes UL listed lock boxes, storage cabinets, heavy-duty padlocks and electronic override key switches. The system has grown to include locking FDC plugs and caps providing protection to the intake and discharge sides of water-based fire protection systems. Warrensburg Fire Department uses the KeySecure®, master key security system, to control the Knox Master Key. These Master Key Retention units provide accountability with an audit trail giving the date, time and user ID for each key release.  The Knox Rapid Entry System reduces response time, property damage and the liability for lost keys.  More information can be found at

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