Last Name - R

Kenneth N Robinson

About five steps off of Cheatham Drive close to half way between the Cheatham and DeFur Monuments, lies the remains of World War I army veteran Kenneth Robinson. As the main source of supplies to the college, Kenneth owned the university book store where students bought their textbooks.

Thomas a. Runk

Buried beneath a shady tree about three steps off the southern pocket of Collins Avenue, lies the remains of 52 year old Vietnam veteran Thomas Runk. Thomas, who proudly fought for the freedom of the South Vietnamese people, perished in 1997.

Henry Hagan Russell

Henry Russell, who went by H. H., ran the successful Russell Clothing Store located in the cities of Marshall, Clinton, Sedalia, and Warrensburg. H. H. served our city as mayor and was very active in pursuing an air base in the area. His grave is surrounded by family and lies cattycorner to the Vivian Cheatham DeFur Monument.

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