Last Name - J

Amanda E. Jackson-Bernand

Tucked away in the deep northwest corner of Sunset Hill lies a small section dedicated to the indigent, or the poorer people of Warrensburg. Created during the Great Depression, visitors will view headstones, lined in short rows, that appear to be little more than cement blocks. Many of the deceased had no living relatives and some only had three people show up to their funeral: the funeral director, the preacher, and the grave digger. People buried there are remembered by only their name and the year of their death. Amanda E Jackson-Bernard's grave lays a somber 15 feet away from a memorial, erected by the county court of 1940, marking the memories of those who perished.

Thelma W. Jones

When Thelma Jones passed away in 1994, generations of loved ones mourned the loss of their dear friend. Her tombstone reads, "Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, And The World's Best Cook. We Miss You." Hopefully, the loving 89 year old great grandmother passed on her favorite cookie recipe before God called her home.