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James Douglas Eads

Historians have coined the term Renaissance Man to refer to individuals who have possessed amazingly well-rounded talents in a large variety of fields. James Douglas Eads would fit this description. This pastor, physician, politician, hotel proprietor, newspaper editor, and military veteran had lived in West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa, before settling permanently in Warrensburg, Missouri. This amazing man, who fathered eight children including one whose lineage would keep the name James Douglas Eads for four generations, had unlimited talents in all areas of a person's life.

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David Eppright

Thousands served America under the leadership of General Douglas MacArthur during the second World War. While serving in the 63rd Bomb Squad, 1st Lieutenant Eppright vanished into the mountains of New Guinea. David and eight fellow crew members gave their lives fighting for freedom having accomplished the mission. Eppright's remains have been returned to his family, his tombstone is located near other family members.

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