Fire Department Operations

Outstanding Service

Your Warrensburg Fire Department stands ready to serve the citizens and guests of Warrensburg. Serving out of two stations, we respond to all fires to provide rescue and fire suppression. The department also responds to technical rescue incidents such as automobile accidents, water emergencies, ice emergencies, confined space entrapment, and hazardous material releases. Additionally, the department responds to high priority medical emergencies to assist emergency medical responders, elevating the service and care you receive in Warrensburg! The Warrensburg Fire Department takes pride in the wide range of services it is able to provide to ensure a high quality of life for our residents and guests.

Daily Operation

The Warrensburg Fire Department is staffed all hours of every day with a minimum of seven (7) personnel. The department maintains three shifts that rotate working 24 hours on-duty followed by 48 hours off-duty. Each shift is led by a Shift Commander (Battalion Chief) who oversees the operation of two in-service fire companies, one operating out of each of the City's two fire stations (see map). Each in-service company consists of a Fire Captain and two Firefighters. These personnel will respond to approximately 1400 calls for service every year.

ISO Rating

The Warrensburg Fire Department currently holds an ISO rating of 2/2X. ISO evaluations score fire departments based off of fire protection capabilities and many insurers evaluate this rating to determine customer premiums. The scoring places 1 as the best possible score and 10 being the lowest score. Grading includes evaluation of the number of available personnel to respond to fires, equipment such as apparatus, dispatch process times, available water supply, and individual firefighter training.  

Oxley Class A (2)
Deputy Chief Oxley
  1. Doyle Oxley

    Deputy Fire Chief

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