Community Development

Our Mission

Partnering in the growth and development of Warrensburg through professionalism, education, innovation, listening and follow-up is our most important business.
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Meet Us

Barbara Carroll, Director
Kristin Dyer, City Planner
Brett Penrose, Building Official
Justin Wyne, Building Inspector
Sandi Anstine, Permit Clerk
Jane Heavin, Nuisance Code Enforcement Inspector
Joe Clifford, Property Maintenance Code Inspector
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator (vacant)

What We Do

  • The Director oversees the department and works closely with the City Manager, other economic development partners, and citizens to promote the development of the community.
  • Building Inspection staff members answer questions about building codes and construction projects, review building permit applications, provide building inspections and administer the Dangerous Building Ordinance.
  • The City Planner answers questions from the public about zoning of properties. This area is also responsible for reviewing all permit applications as well as processing variances, conditional use permits, zoning or plat applications.
  • The Nuisance Code Enforcement Inspector handles nuisance violations such as trash and litter, tall weeds, derelict vehicles, appliances and vehicles parked in yard.
  • The Property Maintenance Code Inspector administers the Property Maintenance Code and works with owners and tenants of residential and commercial properties to keep them maintained in a safe manner for everyone.