The City of Warrensburg was awarded a 2014 Solid Waste Grant in the amount of $9,635.60. With this funding the City has opened the Community Recycle Bins located at the Northwest Corner of Washington St. and Pine St.

Items Accepted

  • Paper - Office paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, phone books, cardboard, cereal and other food boxes, brown and white paper bags, construction paper and neon paper.
  • Plastics - Beverage bottles, household cleaner bottles, cereal box liners, yogurt and butter tubs and any plastic with the recycle symbols #1 through #7
  • Glass - Any type of glass jar or bottle
  • Aluminum - Cans, foil, aluminum pie and cake pans
  • Composting - Mixed yard waste such as brush, grass clippings and leaves, wood chips, branches no more than 30 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length

Items Not Accepted

  • Paper - Wax paper, laminated paper, soiled food boxes, foil wrapping paper, soiled napkins or paper plates
  • Plastic - Candy wrappers, juice pouches, chip bags or any other plastic without a recycle symbol
  • Glass - Window glass, mirrors, dishes, light bulbs or cookware
  • Aluminum - Pots and pans, scrap metal or coat hangers

Items Prohibited

  • Batteries or Household Chemicals
  • Garbage
  • Motor Oil
  • Styrofoam of any kind
  • Tires

Thank You Message

The City of Warrensburg would like to thank Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission for the funding received.